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Do you use law practice management software in your practice?

Did you know, unfortunately, in the majority of the law firms across the nation there is a staggering trend to not get the most out of their law practice management software?

Why is this trend occurring? We find it is mainly due to frustration on behalf of the lawyers and their teams. The reasons why vary with the most common ones we see in the firms we work with being a combination of the following factors: the learning curve is too steep, the technology curve too high, and, ultimately, the system does not seem to work as promised. Whether this is because of user error or, perhaps,the law firm did not know what it needed when it started this process, it becomes a constant source of frustration to all involved.

If this describes you and your practice, you are not alone. This is happening more and more across law firms today. In fact, according to one of the ABA Legal Technology Survey Reports, the number of law firms that use practice management software has decreased, “…in firms with 10 to 49 lawyers, the drop is dramatic, plummeting from 62% in 2016 to merely 34% in 2017.”

How can we ensure you get the right tool for you that can handle managing your clients and your team as well as your referral relationships, help you get your work done, effectively manage your billing practices, and boost the success of your law firm each year? Most of us know we need a system to be able to run our firm correctly, but how do we get the right one? Why is this happening? Is there a magic formula you are missing?

The answer may be more simple than you think.

The simple answer is that we lack time. Time to get things done each day. Time to think strategically about our practices. Time to bill, time to collect. Time to manage our teams. Time to market. The list of things we do not have time to do goes on and on and on… and, more often than not, building out effective law practice management software falls to the very, very bottom.

Knowing this may be just the start to your average day, it is no wonder that you do not have time to set up your law practice management software in a way that will allow you to get work done more ef ectively.

Practice management software, however, is worth the perceived headache. It can help you work strategically and well in your firm. For example, the ABA shares that “in a Blue Hill Research study conducted at general practice firms where lawyers embrace law practice management. They achieved 71% more referrals and 9% more billings annually.”

You probably already know that the tool can help you. This is more than likely why you purchased it. The question now is – how do you make it work in your practice?

This is where Practice42’s Practice Management Software Implementation Team can help you! We can come in, virtually or in-person, to set you up to ensure that you are able to use each piece of the practice management software you are paying for and all of its capabilities. Through our process, we can get it up and running for you, smoothly and effectively, before we train your team on how to use it.

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