What Our Clients Say

I often find myself asking Audrey how she knows what she does (she usually shrugs) but that’s the thing she’s always looking for solutions.There may be 100 answers to your question but she’s going to find the right one for you. She loves a challenge I learn more from her in our monthly meetings than I would spending hours searching on my own

Jean Y.

Museum Specialist & Visual Communications Designer The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

There’s so much to do when it comes to social media. You want advice that is going to help you build your business brand, showcase what you do and get your audience excited. While it’s not easy to know what you should (or shouldn’t be doing) or to develop and stick to a schedule that works, practice42 makes it fun and gets you excited about all you can accomplish on social media. Thank you practice42!”

Liz M

Running an elder law firm presents unique challenges that change every day. I have worked with AE for over two years she has a unique business where she helps address the actual challenges a law firm faces rather than offering a one size fits all solution. She has assisted us with our marketing, staffing and operations development so I can go on vacation and not worry about the growth or operation of my firm. I highly recommended that any lawyer looking to grow their firm and have more free time talk to Audrey Ehrhardt.

William N

Owner of Nabors Trust law, LLC, and Founder of VADisabilityDenial.com

We have worked with Audrey and Practice 42 for over a year. Her expertise has helped take our firm to the next level. #invaluable

Amy M.

Amy McGarry Law Office, PL

Audrey has a wealth of information! She helps our organization understand our website and social media needs.

Jill B.

Burzynski Elder Law

Audrey is top notch. Been an attorney she understands the challenges in a law firm.


I really enjoy the meetings with them. They not only have great ideas but they listen to my ideas and help me implement them in the best possible way!

Elizabeth M.

Incredibly professional and informative. Audrey and her team work so hard for their clients and help them create more successful businesses!

Parker S.

Audrey is incredible in so many ways! I was thrilled when she told me about Practice42 a while back. I have the utmost confidence in her & her team. She is a problem solving super hero!

Angela B.

Practice42 lives up to it’s tag line: SMART answers to TOUGH questions. They provide a customized solution to our business needs. I have thrown a few curve balls and they have knocked it out of the park. Everytime.

Jennifer D.

Academy of the Florida Elder Law Attorneys

Amazing company with even more amazing people! Practice42 is able to provide you with the tools to help you succeed, if you’re doing company is doing well Practice42 will take it from good to great!

Sophia M.

Incredibly professional and informative. Audrey and her team work so hard for their clients and help them create more successful businesses


Audrey is a highly organized tornado of pixie dust with a touch of bitch (not sexism but because bitches get stuff done) and she has such a nice way with words that she can tell you to go $#@* a cactus and you’d look forward for the adventure

Twyla Sketchley, Esquire

The Sketchley Law Firm and Founder of the Sketchley Method

Audrey (and practice42) single-handedly cut $28,000 a year out of our marketing efforts and brought our brand to the forefront of what consumers are looking for. I would recommended to anyone looking to compete today.

Gregory G. Gay, Esquire

The Nature Coast Law Offices of Gregory G. Gay, PA

Practice42 and Audrey conducted a great webinar on maintenance plans. Well presented and informative content.

Bill O.

I have been working with Practice42 for a year now and couldn’t be happier. My practice went through a number of other digital marketers before happily discovering Practice42. This is not just another generic SEO digital marketing company that focuses on volume posts and promising “page one” coverage. They provide so much more. They pay attention to detail, your voice, and understands what it takes to market a law practice. That’s hard to find in the digital marketing space that is so focused on consumables and non-legal services. I am very hands-on when it comes to our marketing so it is important for me to be working with a company that can work in partnership. Audrey and her team approachable, available, and all around fantastic. In fact, I never feel that I am dealing with a “company” but rather my own personal in-house marketing team. As a result, they have successfully captured my brand and voice. So much so, that recently a client shared with me she couldn’t believe all the posts and blogs weren’t always created by me (although some are) because they all sounded like me! I’ve also heard the remark from several others that “we see you everywhere!” I know the growth of our practice this year has been encouraged by the value that Practice42 has brought to increasing our presence and voice in our local area. I encourage any solo practitioner or small firm managing their own digital content or is looking for guidance in practice development to give Practice42 a try.

Kevin S.

Snyder Law PLC

I was surprised by how enjoyable Practice42’s recent webinar was. I have been to and taught many a CLE and this was hands down one of the most fun, yet still educational experience. It was via Zoom, having the ability to chat with other attendees and message the speakers made it feel more like hanging out with your friends, instead of trying to stay awake while some talk on a pulpit for an hour.
The multi day course ran very smoothly. Practice 42 sent out multiple email remainders and offered zoom “test” runs if people didn’t know how to zoom or if they just wanted to make sure it worked.
The webinar was run well, well organized and did a pretty good job keeping to the schedule. I also found the audio video quality to be excellent. During the entire two days i participated in, i didnt have one audio/ video issue. 85-90% of all the webinars i have attended have problems with the video or the speakers sound.
Audrey did a great job of controlling the seminar and her upbeat happy/fun personality is probably one of the reason the event was so much fun.
I enjoyed the speakers, they were knowledgeable and very well spoken. The ability to interact with them and gets some questions answered made it an interactive event. Plus between the speakers and the participant’s in the chat, people were able to provide some good supplemental information as well.
Audrey and her team were available through the entire session to answer question and deal with any technical problems that someone might have. The pricing of the event was also a good value as well. Looking forward to the next one!

Brandon A.

Practice42 is a one stop marketing company that does it all. They made all of the recommendations and completely revamped our website and other online social media platforms to really make us shine. They also made sure that our online marketing represented us. Our newsletter is professional and the content is superb. They’ve made things so easy for us. We had no idea what we were doing. They captured who we are, made suggestions and then we got to watch it unfold beautifully. Audrey and her team are so easy to work with, professional and have really made the transition effortless. I personally love that I can reach out for advice on campaigns/marketing even outside of the online platform and they are always right there full of ideas and ready to help! You will not go wrong with Practice42. They truly are ready to tackle ALL of your marketing needs.

Richard V.

“I’ve spent considerable (time) over the last five to ten years with Practice42 competitors – and we are a well known firm in out area – and yet I almost could not find us on Google! Within one month of retaining Practice42 for social media, we are on the first page. I’ve been listening to Audrey speak at elder law events for a few years- it is consistently and increasingly evident (as I learn more) that she and Practice42 know what they are doing and care about helping their client thrive.


After having experience with 3 other Marketing Firms, I was skeptical about finding the right value for our elder law firm. Practice42 has exceeded our expectations. We have implemented uniform brand awareness strategies across several platforms and have increased our social media presence. We have a lot more work to do; yet we are very pleased with Audrey and her team.

Emma H.

I have been a client of Practice 42 for three years and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I made on behalf of my firm. Prior to engaging Practice 42 I had tried several programs designed to market my firm. The results were mediocre at best. I never renewed my association with those firms since the return on investment was meager or nonexistent.
When I first met Audrey Erhardt I was impressed by the fact that she had been a practicing attorney. Therefore, she understood the profession. Secondly, she had a vast knowledge of the technology issues that attorney’s needed to address to grow their firm or increase the visibility of their firm. I have never regretted my decision.

Our marketing program has been out front and updated frequently. We have received positive feedback from our clients pertaining to the posts. She has increased the value of my firm by implementing the changes that were recommended. I would strongly recommend any attorney to consider Practice 42.

Richard V.

Law Practice Mentoring and Software Implementation Expertise Meets Custom Marketing Agency.